Stop saying yes when you don’t mean it…

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Sometimes I feel pathetic when I say yes for the things I should have said no.

it really makes me stressed enough that just after saying yes I start finding ways to get out of the situation as soon as possible because somehow it affects my inner peace in a bad way and I think this is the case with almost every one of us.

people struggle a lot just to say a simple no for the things they don’t want to do. I say yes because I think I am gonna hurt people who are close to me and the people I love.

I end up saying yes because I am afraid of rejection and don’t want to be alone. Are we really Read more




Blogger, writer, author ,economic analyst, career councilor, life coach

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Sanjay Mehta

Sanjay Mehta

Blogger, writer, author ,economic analyst, career councilor, life coach

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